Medical students receive scholarships from Lancaster Medical Society Foundation

Caitlyn Moss and Andrew Martin, medical students at Penn State College of Medicine, were recipients of the Lancaster Medical Society Foundation 2013 Foundation Scholarship. These students have earned numerous academic and leadership awards, and they have been involved in research and clinical experiences.

Moss grew up in Gap and is a 2013 cum laude graduate of Washington College, Chestertown, Md. She received the Eugene B. Casey Medal, which recognizes a senior woman for being an outstanding scholar and student leader. 

“My older sister and I are the first in our family to receive a post-secondary education,” said Moss. “Growing up in Gap taught me to value what I had and to understand that many families go without fulfilling their basic needs. The financial state and cultural mindset of my community has a negative impact on many people’s health. This has stimulated my interest in working with those in rural areas.”

A resident of New Holland, Martin graduated magna cum laude from Messiah College. 

“I never thought I would desire a life in medicine, but medical experiences in rural Appalachia, Zambia, Bolivia and Guatemala have allowed me to discover a place where my passion for science and the needs of the world coincide,” he said. “While knowledge and critical thinking skills may remain paramount in determining the success of a physician, clinical experiences allowed for me to discover another important aspect of medicine: empathy. I recall the Zambian villagers camped outside the hospital for weeks at a time. These people covered great distances to reach the hospital because they believed they could be helped. The simple presence of a capable medical team had given them reason to hope. The desire to practice medicine in underserved areas is not an ignorant attempt to be the savior of the broken; it is simply a genuine effort to give people the hope they deserve.”

Lancaster Medical Society Foundation is a foundation of the Lancaster City and County Medical Society. Foundation scholarships are given to residents of Lancaster County attending allopathic or osteopathic medical schools. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, exhibit good character and motivation, and show financial need.

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Last Updated March 17, 2014