Around Campus

  • ABC TV CREW Nightline

    A production team from ABC Television is preparing for a taping of the late-night news program 'Nightline' at Penn State's Pavillion Theatre happening Feb. 10.

  • Art 230 student

    Penn State sophomore Matthew Stein worked on his Art 230: Introduction to Sculpture assignment entitled '10 Ways to Eat Grilled Cheese' during a recent studio session.

  • Senior Portrait-POTD

    Pauline Janeo posed for her senior portrait on the morning of Jan. 25. Janeo will be graduating at the end of spring semester with a bachelors degree in marketing.

  • Millennium Cafe-performance

    Flutist Naomi Seidman performed with the Pennsylvania Quintet at the weekly Millennium Cafe hosted by the Materials Research Institute at Penn State's Millennium Science Complex on Jan. 26.

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