Around Campus

  • POTD-7 24 15-Art Camp Space Suits

    Art campers were showing off their 'blast off into space' projects at Art Camp, hosted by the Center for Arts and Crafts at Penn State, on the afternoon of July 24.

  • Turtle at University House Pond

    An Eastern Painted Turtle hunted for a snack while basking on the rocks at the University House pond on Penn State's University Park campus on the morning of July 14.

  • Painting old main railings

    Tim Cavallo of Allegheny Restoration applied a coat of paint to the railing at the Old Main steps on the morning of July 20.

  • Science U CSI camp

    A water-gel crystal made of polymers that can hold up to 300 times their mass is held by a camper at CSI Camp, part of Penn State's Science-U underway at locations around the University Park campus

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