Around Campus

  • ROTC-MIA_POW_Vigil-91914

    Penn State ROTC cadets and midshipmen placed inverted glasses on the Missing Man Table, a symbol for all American prisoners of war and missing in action, during a POW/MIA vigil held September 19.

  • POTD-9814-Harvest_Moon

    A Harvest Moon illuminated the evening sky above the fountain at the Arboretum at Penn State on September 8.

  • Green_Roof-MSC-POTD9314

    The Green Roof on the terrace of Penn State's Millennium Science Complex provides insulation, reduces storm water run off and can filter pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air.

  • POTD-9 10 14-Cell Lab_Materials Science

    Po-Hsun Huang, a Ph.D candidate at Penn State studying engineering science, conducting a routine medium change of cancer cells in a cell culture room at Penn State's Materials Characterization Lab.

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