Around Campus

  • David Tulauskas with EcoCAR 3

    Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team leader Hugo McMenamin showed David Tulauskas, director of sustainability for General Motors, Penn State's EcoCAR 3 during Tulauskas' visit to University Park.

  • GeoQ research team

    Penn State seniors Christine Fanning and Leona Kretzu review simulated-disaster response data collected by the GeoQ research team at the Red Cell Lab in the IST building.

  • Essence of Joy at the 2017 Penn State President's Concert

    Essence of Joy was one of several School of Music ensembles to perform at the Penn State President’s Concert on March 16 at the National Presbyterian Church in Washington DC.

  • Snow at Penn State

    A lamp at Penn State's Pugh Street gate illustrates the substantial snowfall that impacted the University Park campus and the entire northeastern United States on March 14.

  • Obungoloch MRI system

    Johnes Obungoloch, a Ph.D candidate in bioengineering at Penn State, makes adjustments to a low-field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system he built in his Millennium Science Complex laboratory.

  • Infrared Laser Lab

    Peng Deng, a post-doctoral fellow in Penn State's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, makes adjustments to the MEMS laser beam optical communication system in his EE East lab.

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