Around Campus

  • Hawk on Beaver Stadium Weathervane

    The Nittany Lion Weathervane sits 110 feet above the southwest corner of Penn State's Beaver Stadium. It measures 10 feet in length and tips the scales at nearly 2,000 pounds. A closer look shows a hawk found it a perfect place to perch on a breezy, summer afternoon.

  • bed of coleus plants-sedona sunset

    A bed of Coleus-Sedona Sunset plants glow in the morning sunshine at Penn State's Arboretum. A tropical subshrub, the Sedona Sunset plants are just part of the colorful array of flowers and shrubs surrounding the facility's Overlook Pavillion. The Arboretum at Penn State is open to the public dawn to dusk.

  • OPP Landscaping Operations

    Jordan Moore, a landscaper with Penn State's Office of the Physical Plant (OPP), spreads grass seed around a newly planted pine tree near the Palmer Museum of Art. The staff at OPP are hard at work preparing the facilities and grounds around Penn State's University Park campus for the fall semester.

  • Horses around feeder

    A few of the horses from Penn State's Equine Facility, part of Penn State's Department of Animal Science, gather around a grain feeder in a pasture near Beaver Stadium on a pleasant summer morning. Research at the facility includes intensive early handling of foals, characteristics of late gestation mares, group concentrate feeding behavior, and breeding.

  • student life promenade

    The Student Life Promenade, a gift to the University from the Class of 2005, depicts student life at Penn State from the founding of the 'Farmer's College' in 1855 to modern day events such as THON. Designed by sculptor Bill Culbertson, the piece is comprised of several relief scenes on the faces of five concrete pillars.

  • Old willown Penn State

    We celebrate 50 years of Earth Day by honoring one of the most historic trees on the University Park campus, The original Old Willow was located near the Allen Street gate, grown from a sprig provided by Evan Pugh. The Old Willow that stands near Old Main today was grown from an offshoot of the original and planted at its present location in 1921 where it has stood for nearly 100 years. Social... Read more ›