Around Campus

  • James Franklin

    Head Football Coach James Franklin discussed how important it is for all Penn Staters to get the COVID-19 vaccine during a press conference at Pegula Ice Arena on May 5. The event included Penn State President Eric Barron, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, and Penn State student-athlete Theo Johnson, urging all Penn Staters and Pennsylvanians to get vaccinated.

  • sows at Penn State farm

    A group of pregnant sows gather at a feeding trough at Penn State's Swine Education and Research Facility. The sows are due to give birth to their litters in early July. The facility keeps a herd of 65 sows and produces over 1,400 pigs a year to support teaching, research, and agricultural extension programs in offspring growth performance.

  • senior photo session

    Penn State senior Ishtiaq Islam posed for some photos on the Old Main steps proudly wearing his graduation gown and Schreyers Honors medal. He will receive his bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering at spring commencement 2021. Commencement ceremonies at Penn State campuses will happen May 7 through 9.

  • Rong Kou

    Rong Kou, an assistant research professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, uses a scanning electron microscope at Penn State's Millennium Science Complex to study the crystalline structure of a lithium metal oxide.