Around Campus

  • Blue Band Practice

    The Penn State Blue Band work their way through marching drills on a muggy and warm summer morning. The Blue Band recently completed their annual preseason band camp and are now preparing for their first halftime show of the 2018 football season coming Sept. 1.

  • Move In Weekend

    New and returning students are making their way back to Penn State during 'Move In' weekend on the University Park campus. Fall semester classes will begin on Monday, Aug. 20.

  • skipper butterflies

    A pair of Silver-Spotted Skipper butterflies pollinating a flowered shrub at Penn State's Shavers Creek Environmental Center. Butterflies, in general, prefer nectar-rich flowers that are bright in color. Shavers Creek Environmental Center is in the final phase of an extensive renovation and expansion project, and will be reopening to the public on Sept. 1.

  • Water Tower

    The water tower on the north end of the University Park campus provides a shaded pavilion with seating and lighting. Penn State needed to replace the old tower to meet water quality regulations and welcomed designs from the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The project was completed in the fall of 2017.

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