Professor publishes bilingual translation of works by Russian exile poet

Adrian Wanner, professor of Russian and comparative literature at Penn State, recently published a bilingual Russian-German edition of the work of Russian exile poet Vladislav Khodasevich, titled "Vladislav Chodasevič: European Night/Европейская ночь," by Arco Verlag Publishers.  

Khodasevich was considered the “greatest Russian poet of the 20th century.” Living in exile in Berlin and Paris, he combined an accomplished poetic form with the representation of a dissonant modern urban reality.

The bilingual edition provides a cross section of the poet's  work while Wanner’s translation preserves the meter and rhymes of Khodasevich’s verse. One focus of his exile poems is from "The Heavy Lyre" (1922) and "European Night" (1927). Khodasevich's representation of Berlin as a dynamic and demonic "stepmother of Russian cities" makes a little-known contribution to the poetics of a focal point of urban modernity.

The book also contains a translation of Nabokov’s 1939 obituary published in the Paris journal Sovremennye zapiski as well as an introduction and notes by the translator.

While his work was banished in the Soviet Union for its alleged decadence and nihilism, Khodasevich is now recognized in his country of birth as a classic of Russian poetry and a master of poetic craft.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015