Filming of new 'active shooter' training video set for week of July 22

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State Public Media, in conjunction with Penn State University Police and Public Safety, will be filming an instructional video on the University Park campus during the week of July 22. The video, to be used as part of an ongoing program designed to teach members of the University Community how to survive in the event of an attack by one or more armed individuals, will be filmed primarily at the Business Building, located on the corner of Park Avenue and Shortlidge Road.

During filming, ample signage along roadways and throughout the Business Building will clearly indicate that a simulated, controlled event is taking place. Inside, and on the lawn surrounding the Business Building, passersby and building occupants may notice film crews working directly with actors who will appear to be in distress as part of the production and actors portraying suspects and carrying disabled weapons. In addition to film crews, Police and Public Safety staff will be on site. Community members who are not sure whether they are seeing a real or contrived event should contact University Police at 814-863-1111.

“This production, as part of our ongoing active shooter training program, represents one small part of the University’s continued commitment to promoting the safety and well-being of every member of the Penn State community,” said Steve Shelow, assistant vice president for University Police and Public Safety. “This instructional video will serve as an update to the one we currently use, and will teach viewers how best to react in an even wider range of scenarios. During filming, we will be coordinating closely with production crews and staff at the Business Building to ensure that the area is plainly marked.”

A specific filming-week schedule will be announced on the Penn State News website in mid-July, including the planned location and approximate duration of filming activity for each day. For more information about the training program, contact Rebecca Bywater at or 814-865-1864.

As part of the planning process for the production, Penn State Public Media has put out a casting call for extras; more information is available at

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Last Updated July 09, 2013