Greater Allegheny offers virtual admissions events

The Penn State Greater Allegheny Admissions department will be holding two virtual events on Wednesday, July 10.  These events allow prospective students to interact with current students and admissions staff via a live webinar.  The events will be accessed through a free, online event site designed to connect prospective students with colleges and universities in a live, interactive environment.

Sarah Ma, admissions counselor, is coordinating the event, which will include discussions on student life, financial aid, housing, classes, academic majors, sports and more. “The events are really student-driven, so they can discuss any concerns they have.  It’s a great way to visit our school without physically traveling to the campus,” said Ma.

The first event, to be held at 6 p.m., is for students who have not applied to our campus.  Students who “attend” this event will have their admission fees waived.

The second event, at 7 p.m., will be focused on students who have been offered admission to our campus but who have not yet accepted the offer.

For information on how to register, call Sarah Ma at 412-675-9013.

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Last Updated July 09, 2013