WWW Drawing Symposium to look at 'Architectural Drawing from Pencil to Pixel'

WWW Drawing Symposium: Architectural Drawing from Pencil to Pixel will be co-organized by Penn State's Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and The Drawing Center in New York.

At this May 11 afternoon symposium in Manhattan, renowned architects will meet rising stars from the worlds of fine art and computational design, to discuss the evolution of architectural drawing in a digital age. How might digital technologies become capable of producing the calligraphic and gestural qualities often thought to be the exclusive domain of hand drawing? Representing diverse positions with regard to contemporary drawing, invited speakers will present current projects — including robotic drawing machines, large scale hand drawings and art installations — that point to potential hybrids between analog and digital techniques, for both poetic and practical purposes.

During the WWW Drawing Workshop — that was held at the Stuckeman School, from March 29 to 31 — Penn State students produced three different large-scale hand-drawings, working in teams under the direction of architects Mark West, Michael Webb and James Wines, the eponymous W's of the project title. See time lapse sequences posted online of the drawings in production led by Wines, West and Webb.

Speakers at the symposium are:
Daniel Cardoso Llach, assistant professor of architecture and historian of computer-aided design technologies, Stuckeman School, Penn State 
Andrew Heumann, architectural designer and computational design specialist, NBBJ, Seattle
Jürg Lehni, artist, designer and programmer, UCLA Design | Media Arts
Ann Tarantino, artist and professor of art and landscape architecture, Stuckeman School, Penn State
Seher Shah, artist, New York
Michael Webb, architect, founding member of Archigram and professor, The Cooper Union
Mark West, architect, and professor and founder of C.A.S.T. (Center for Architectural Structures and Technology), University of Manitoba
James Wines, president, SITE Architecture, Art & Design, New York, and professor of architecture, Stuckeman School, Penn State 


The moderators are Mehrdad Hadighi, department head of architecture, professor and Stuckeman chair of integrative design, Stuckeman School, Penn State, and Janet Abrams, artist and director of special projects, Stuckeman School, Penn State.

The symposium runs from 2 to 4 p.m. May 11. For more information, call 212-219-2166 ex 216 or go to www.drawingcenter.org.


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