Dubai Judicial Institute hosts Penn State Energy Law Seminar

As part of the Penn State Law partnership established last summer with the Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), Professors William F. Fox and Ross Pifer will present “Energy Law Innovation and Best Practices” March 4 to 7.

Topics will include oil and gas extraction and production in harsh climates and fragile ecosystems; regulation of shale oil and natural gas development in the United States; dealing with ecological crises, and in the extraction and production of oil and natural gas; recent developments in international energy agreements; nuclear power; renewable energy; electricity production, transmission lines and the “Smart Grid”; energy regulation; and policy issues.

"This is exactly the type of program Dr. Al Sumaiti (director general of DJI) and I envisioned," said Phil McConnaughay, dean of Penn State Law and the School of International Affairs. "It is the first of many exchanges meant to support the work of the DJI in training judges and lawyers as well as provide Penn State Law and internatonal affairs students with the research, educational and practice opportunities necessary for the transnational practice of law and international policy development."

Faisal Hashim Alquran, head of training and development for the DJI said, “Energy Law is a compelling study area here and professors Fox and Pifer will be bringing a wide range of topics to our participants. We are looking forward to this program.” The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the DJI.

Individuals interested in registering should send an email to Mohamed AlYafeai or call the DJI at: 04-2833300

Last Updated July 22, 2015