Rock Ethics Institute announces faculty ethics seminars

The Rock Ethics Institute has announced a seminar fellowship opportunity for faculty who currently are teaching or would like to teach in the Schreyer Honors College.

For the third year running, the Rock Ethics Institute is holding a workshop, co-funded by the Schreyer Honors College, to help faculty incorporate ethics into their Schreyer Honors courses. The workshop also creates an opportunity for faculty fellows to participate in ethics-related discussions with scholars from outside of their own disciplines. Applications are due on March 16.

In exchange for each faculty fellow's participation in a four day workshop in May 2010, a one-day follow-up meeting in August 2010, and six seminars during the 2010-11 academic year, the fellow will receive $4,000 that can, with the concurrence of the fellow’s department head, be used either to purchase a course release or for research funds. In return, the fellow commits to redesign or develop an ethics-enhanced honors course and to continue to integrate ethics-related curricula into his or her classes, particularly future honors courses.

For further information about the 2010-11 workshop, visit online.

Last Updated May 19, 2016