Six journalism majors completing internships in China

For the second year in a row, six Penn State journalism majors are completing summer internships with China Daily, China's exclusive English-language newspaper.

Their assignments started June 30 and continue until Aug. 10, when the students will return home and then return to the University Park campus later in the month for the start of the fall semester.

With a staff of about 300, the China Daily group consists of 11 English publications, including China Daily, China Daily Hong Kong edition and U.S. edition, Business Weekly, Beijing Weekend, China Features and 21st Century Weekly. Its website has become one of the biggest English portals in Asia, with more than 12 million daily hits, mostly from outside China.

Dozens of students from the College of Communications applied for the internships. Those selected were:

  • Wesley Culp, a senior from Harrisburg, Pa., who is working for the paper’s Hong Kong edition;
  • Nicole Guven, a junior from Boalsburg, Pa., who is working on the paper’s website;
  • Eric Jou, a senior from Flagstaff, Ariz., who is working in the paper’s metro department;
  • Tom Leskin, a senior from Pottsville, Pa., who is working in the paper’s 21st Century department;
  • Becky Perlow, a senior from Pikesville, Md., who is working for the paper’s Hong Kong edition; and
  • Karyn Piechule, a senior from Havertown, Pa., who is working in the paper’s features department.

"This is a great experience for our students," said Doug Anderson, dean of the College of Communications. "Our assistant dean for internships and career placement, Bob Martin, and Bu Zhong of the journalism faculty have done a splendid job of coordinating this effort with executives at China Daily."

The relationship between China Daily and the College of Communications resulted in part from a 2008 visit to China by Anderson and Zhong, an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism. Also, Zhong worked for China Daily before coming to the United States for graduate work and to teach. He then worked for CNN before joining Penn State.

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Last Updated November 18, 2010