On-campus parking permit rates to increase

To offset the rising costs of construction and maintenance, Penn State Transportation Services is raising its parking permit rates starting Nov. 1. The monthly rate increases will be between $1 and $3 for select parking permits.

This is the first time rates have increased since 2008. Most permit holders will see only a $1 increase each month. Not all permit rates will go up. Orange/Red A and commuter permits will see a $1 monthly increase. Red OO, Blue OO, reserved spaces and department vehicle permits will increase $2. LR-Emeritus permits will have a monthly increase of $3. There will be no increase for motorcycle, evening faculty/staff and floater permits.

These new rates will be effective from Nov. 1 to June 30, 2011. For information, visit the Transportation Services rates page.

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Last Updated October 04, 2010