Shenango students tie for first place in business simulation game

Three Penn State Shenango business students finished in a worldwide tie for first place over a 10-week period for their overall company performance as they competed in a business simulation computer game titled GLO-BUS (Global Business). The students are Brandon Hall of Hubbard, Ohio; Christopher Morgan of Transfer, Pa.; and Chad Webster of West Middlesex, Pa.

The simulation game was used for the first time by Shenango campus Assistant Professor Tom Pressly in his senior-level Strategic Management class this past spring semester. "I am particularly proud of these students and their achievements," stated Pressly. "I believe their efforts reflect the comprehensive quality of our business program at Penn State Shenango."

GLO-BUS requires student teams to make more than 50 marketing, operation, distribution, customer service and pricing decisions over a 10-week period, with each week being considered one year in the business world.

Shenango business students competed in the digital camera industry against groups in their class and around the world. Their simulated global operations were conducted in four regions, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Africa.

Hall, Morgan and Webster, also known the Hott Shots Company, were the best group in the Penn State system and tied for top honors with other schools such as the University of Massachusetts, University of Maryland, East Carolina University and South Alabama University, as well as international universities from countries such as Canada and Australia.

The Hott Shots Company went on to compete at the GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational for May 2011. Only the co-managers of companies across the world that are industry champions were invited to participate in this event.

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Last Updated June 08, 2011