Campus music instructor releases must-have book for violinists

Penn State DuBois Senior Instructor of Music Paul Fehrenbach has released a new music book that could be a lifesaver for violinists who perform in public, or serve as a new challenge for those who choose to play for their own enjoyment. "Sacred Hymns for Unaccompanied Violin" (Forest Brook Publications) contains 24 traditional sacred melodies that are arranged specifically for solo violin without any accompanying instruments. 

"As a violinist, I find myself often needing short but appealing songs for church services and weddings where I perform, and quite often either the keyboard player is unavailable or is not prepared to accompany the violinist so the player must perform the songs without accompaniment," Fehrenbach explained. "Melodies played on the violin can sound very nice, but are sometimes thin and empty sounding without an accompaniment. My book is designed to enable the violinist to play many popular hymns while providing his or her own harmony to the songs."

Fehrenbach said his arrangements allow the violinist to provide their own accompaniment by utilizing a technique known as double-stops, where two or more strings are played at once. In this way, the single violin can provide both the melody and harmony simultaneously. He said, "They are arranged by playing the regular theme of the song first, and then a couple variations of the hymn that get progressively more interesting to the listener and challenging to the performer."

This is Fehrenbach's third publication. He has previously published a music book for medieval bagpipes, and another book of Christmas music for the pipes.


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Last Updated January 09, 2015