Compliance with copyright laws urged throughout Penn State

Rodney Erickson, Penn State's executive vice president and provost, recently issued a notice to students, faculty and staff requesting that all Penn State community members comply with federal copyright laws and University copyright policy. The notice stated that the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material is against federal and state law and therefore requires the University to officially respond to any reported copyright violations.

"Although it may seem easy to obtain music, movies and other materials while surfing the Web, you must be absolutely certain the items you wish to download can be acquired legally," Erickson urged. "It is critical that our community chooses to use legal media sources, such as those available at /sources.html."

Students, faculty and staff should also be aware that Internet fraud and attacks are growing at an alarming rate at institutions and businesses around the world. To combat these dangers, a number of resources can help individuals protect their privacy, data and computers. Be sure to follow the protective steps outlined at Penn State's Be Safe website at In addition, computer users can download free antivirus software at

To read the complete letter from Executive Vice President and Provost Erickson, visit

Last Updated October 19, 2011