Smeal's one-year accounting master's program accepting applications

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Penn State Smeal College of Business is now accepting applications for fall 2012 admission to its new One-Year Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program.

The One-Year MAcc Program is intended for recent college graduates who need to complete additional coursework to become a certified public accountant (CPA). To be licensed as a CPA in nearly every state, including Pennsylvania, individuals must now complete 150 credit-hours of education to meet the expanding demands of the profession. In Pennsylvania, the enhanced educational requirements will be in force beginning Jan. 1. 
"Professional accountants are in strong demand and the CPA certificate is the key to an extraordinarily broad range of careers across many industries," said Steven Huddart, Smeal Chair Professor of Accounting and chair of the Department of Accounting. "The opportunities available to talented accountants include the traditional service areas in public accounting, namely, assurance, tax and consulting services. But, more and more, I am hearing from major corporations’ recruiters that they are looking for MAcc grads, too." 
Huddart added, "The One-Year MAcc Program allows individuals with a bachelor's degree to earn needed course credits and be positioned to succeed on the CPA exam in just one year while they are earning a master's degree."
The program is open to students with bachelor's degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, not just accounting. Certain prerequisite courses are required, however.
In addition to the core courses in accounting, which include classes in accounting information systems, forensic accounting, taxes and business planning, and financial statement analysis, among others, the One-Year MAcc Program includes coursework in business law and finance and requires an internship experience. MAcc students also complete the same leadership communications training that has been a hallmark of the Penn State Smeal MBA Program for decades.
The MAcc program offers students dedicated, MAcc-only academic advisers and course sections reserved specifically for students in the one-year MAcc program. Students also have access to the broad array of recruiters who come to Smeal every year to hire new talent.
In addition to the One-Year MAcc Program, Smeal also offers the Integrated MAcc Program. Students in the Integrated MAcc Program graduate from Smeal in five years with bachelor's and master's degrees and are ready to sit for the CPA exam shortly after graduation. The Integrated MAcc program is open only to select students already enrolled in Smeal. The One-Year MAcc program, however, enables well-qualified applicants from other undergraduate programs to join a community of over 300 students completing the graduate accounting degree offered by Smeal.
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