Rock Ethics Institute offers resources for ethical discussions

The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State is developing a set of resources to help faculty, students, staff, administrators and other members of the University community to sort through the complex ethical issues they face. The first of these, "Resources for Ethical Deliberation," is now available at for public use.

"For the past decade, the Rock Ethics Institute has had a mission to integrate ethics throughout the Penn State curriculum and to provide the entire Penn State community with resources that enable all of us to stand up for the basic principles and values that we as a community share," said Nancy Tuana, the Nancy Tuana Director of the Rock Ethics Institute, and DuPont/Class of 1949 Professor of Philosophy. "Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members are talking continually in the classrooms, offices and their personal spaces, and may find it useful to have a guide to aid them in making these difficult discussions as productive as possible."

Faculty, students and other community members as well as the public are encouraged to contribute to an informal online forum for community-wide ethical deliberation at the Rock Ethics Institute Speak Up blog ( The Institute also has a Facebook page ( where people can engage in discussions and make suggestions concerning the kinds of events they would like to see the Rock sponsoring and the further resources they would like to see offered.

In addition, resources are available at the Center for Democratic Deliberation at
and at the Schreyer Institute of Teaching Excellence at:

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Last Updated May 19, 2016