Kreis retires after 37 years at Penn State Berks

Sandy Kreis, financial assistant at Penn State Berks, recently retired after 37 years of service. Kreis began her career at Berks in 1974 as an administrative assistant to the faculty. Later, she worked in the Dean's Office and then in the Business Office.

During her time at Penn State Berks, Kreis was active on the Community Service Committee and served as a representative of the professional assistants on the Faculty Senate.

“I’ve seen the campus grow from one building to the expanded campus that we have today with many state-of-the art facilities,” commented Kreis. “I’ve made a lot of friends and wonderful memories that I will always cherish during my time at Penn State Berks.”

In retirement, Kreis plans to visit her second home at the Delaware shore more frequently and move there eventually. She also plans to pursue hobbies such as fishing, clamming and crafts.

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Last Updated January 10, 2015