Radomsky retires after 32 years in Miner Training Program

Mark Radomsky, director of the Miner Training Program in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State, retired on Dec. 31, 2011, after 32 years of service.

During his five-year tenure as director, Radomsky has managed Penn State’s com­prehensive miner training services program, which provides training and professional development courses to mining stakeholders. He also has been responsible for the develop­ment of innovative training materials and customizing training programs. This year, Radomsky was awarded the Stephen Mc­Cann Award for Excellence by the Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America.

“Mark and I have worked together most all of our professional careers,” said Joseph Flick, director of field services for the Miner Train­ing Program. “We have seen both the mining industry and the safety education process go through many changes. The one thing that has never changed is Mark’s desire for miners to go home from work the same way they arrived, safe and healthy. ”

Since 2006, Radomsky has overseen the completion of five educational outreach pro­grams on mine safety, which have been fund­ed by Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grants from the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration. The programs in­cluded town hall meetings, webcasts, and the creation of resource guides on such topics as mine emergency preparedness, safe evacuation procedures, refuge alternatives, and enhancing emergency prevention performance.

Hired in 1979 as an instructor for the Miner Training Program at Penn State, Radomsky spent the early years of his career conducting mandated safety training to miners throughout Pennsylvania. He went on to hold the positions of Senior Instructor and Director of Field Services for the Miner Training Program. In addition to his work for the Miner Training Program, Radomsky has been involved in research projects in the area of training, void detection in underground mines, and small mine safety.

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