Worthington Scranton campus meets evolving student needs

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Over the past decade, Penn State Worthington Scranton has grown and evolved into a full-service Penn State campus, with new buildings and facilities as well as expanded two- and four-year degree programs for students who either want to, or must, remain in northeastern Pennsylvania while working toward their college degree.

In a report to the Board of Trustees today (July 13), campus Chancellor Mary Beth Krogh-Jespersen talked about the campus’s increased facilities and programs, not only for academics, but co-curricular as well. These expanded services help meet the growing needs of today’s student population, making a college education more attainable.

"We are not only educating students where they live, but we are growing the workforce of Pennsylvania," said Krogh-Jespersen. "Our students and graduates have the ability to assist the Commonwealth greatly in its goal to spur economic growth."

New four-year degree programs in science and English bring the number of baccalaureate degrees offered by the campus to eight, according to Krogh-Jespersen, and a new master’s degree for nurse practitioners has been added to school’s successful nursing program.

"The campus also offers five associate degree programs; an accelerated, hybrid baccalaureate degree in business; three minors; and a variety of professional development and certification programs," said the chancellor. "All are aimed at helping working professionals achieve career advancement."

But Penn State Worthington Scranton is not only focused on educating students for careers, it also offers numerous youth programs and camps during the summer, which are popular and well-attended.

Krogh-Jespersen said a recent addition to summer camp offerings was a NASA camp, where students were able to learn more about engineering design, robots and rovers, satellites, space suits and traveling in space. They also got to interact with scientists at NASA via video-conferencing.

In addition to new programs, the campus also has improved existing facilities -- renovating all three of its science labs to create a Science Suite that offers state-of-the-art biology, chemistry and physics labs, as well as new equipment and research spaces that enable both faculty and undergraduate research.

"We are preparing our students for high-demand professions that require skills in technology and the sciences, and a knowledge base that will spark innovation," said Krogh-Jespersen. "It’s imperative that our students are able to make an impact in their own lives and in the lives of others when they graduate."

The chancellor said the campus also is well-prepared to assist students during their college years and beyond. The David and Ann Hawk Student Success Center, which opened in 2010, houses student services such as financial aid, career services, veterans’ affairs, a tutoring and learning assistance center, and health/wellness and counseling services.

The Business Building, completed and dedicated in 2009, offers technology classrooms, individual study areas, a state-of-the-art lecture hall and a Wall Street-style trading room classroom for real-world experience. Students also obtain first-hand knowledge of the business world by being paired with a professional in their field of choice.

Krogh-Jespersen said alumni and benefactors also have played a major role in the campus’ development -- raising necessary funds for various building and improvement projects, as well as scholarships. Currently, more than 170 scholarships are available to Worthington Scranton students. In addition, the campus’s For the Future Campaign fundraising goal of $5 million was met three years early.

"Penn State Worthington Scranton may have begun over 40 years ago as a small, two-year Penn State campus, but it has grown into a very vital and exciting place," Krogh-Jespersen said. "We are proud to promote Penn State’s educational mission and serve the residents and communities in northeastern Pennsylvania."

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Last Updated July 13, 2012