2012 Frontiers in Eye and Vision Research Award winners named

Penn State Hershey Eye Center has announced the 2012 FEVR Award recipients. The awards support eye and vision research projects.

The Frontiers in Eye and Vision Research (FEVR) Awards for Collaborative Basic Science, Clinical/Translational, and Educational Research have been awarded annually since 2008 to support eye and vision research projects at any of the Penn State campuses provided the primary investigator is an active member of Penn State Hershey Eye Center.

The 2012 FEVR Award recipients are as follows:

--Heather D. Stuckey, assistant professor of pharmacology, Penn State College of Medicine – “Preventing Synapse Dysfunction and Loss in Diabetic Retinopathy.” The objective of the proposed research is to determine which distinct retinal synapse subtypes are vulnerable to hyperglycemia and whether insulin replacement therapy is sufficient to retain healthy synapse populations. The study findings will increase the field’s understanding of the basis of vision loss and identify potential points of intervention to retain healthy synapse populations and maintain visual function.

--Joyce Tombran-Tink, professor of neural and behavioral science, Penn State College of Medicine – “Role of Microglia Activation in Promoting RGC Death in Diabetic Retinopathy.” This project may define windows of opportunity for the treatment of vascular complications and loss of retinal ganglion cells as a result of diabetic retinopathy. The results of the study may have broader applications for other retinal diseases, including glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

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Last Updated September 27, 2012