FAQs: International student fee

July 11, 2014

What is happening?

Penn State is implementing a new international student fee of $250 per semester for international undergraduate students who were enrolled during the 2013-14 academic year, and a $500-per-semester fee for incoming international undergraduate students. The fee will be implemented starting with the fall semester of 2014.

What is the purpose of the fee?

The resources generated by this fee will be used entirely to support comprehensive academic and student support services unique to international students. In part, these fees will be used to meet increased reporting requirements by the U.S. federal government and other services needed to support the legal residence of international students. These resources also will be used to fund services designed to enhance the academic experience of all international undergraduate students, including programs focused on promoting the academic and social success of students as they adjust to life in the United States.

How many students does this affect?

About 3,100 returning international undergraduate students will pay the $250-per-semester fee, and about 1,400 new international undergraduate students will pay the $500-per-semester fee.

Why is the fee being implemented now?

Since the fall of 2008, there has been a nearly 200 percent increase in the number of international undergraduate students who have chosen to further their education at Penn State, from 1,532 in 2008 to 4,582 in the fall of 2013. Penn State is committed to providing international students with comprehensive programs and services designed to help them thrive, and to get the most out of their investment in a world-class education. This fee will be used to support that commitment as Penn State’s international undergraduate student population continues to grow. All proceeds from the fee will be used to directly support international student programs and services at Penn State.

Many of Penn State’s peer institutions also have implemented similar fees to support programs as international student populations continue on an upward trend nationwide.

Does this fee apply to summer semesters, as well as fall and spring semesters?

Yes, this fee applies to each semester of an international student’s enrollment, regardless of the time of year.

Who can I call if I have additional questions?

All questions are welcome and can be directed to the University Office of Global Programs at uogpquestions@psu.edu or 1-814-865-7681.

Last Updated July 11, 2014