Penn State Law in University Park’s Explore Law program begins June 2021

May 18, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Beginning on June 14, Penn State Law will open its virtual doors to prospective law students all over the country through their Explore Law program. The mission of this free, exclusive, four-day (June 14-17) summer program is to increase access to a legal education for underrepresented college students.

This year’s program will provide approximately 25 undergraduate students with mock law school classes, financing law school sessions, student panels —including how to navigate life in State College — and discussions on legal career opportunities with a juris doctor degree. The program also will provide instruction on the law school admissions process and law school admission test preparation.

“Penn State Law looks forward to welcoming our Explore Law participants,” said Hari M. Osofsky, dean of Penn State Law and School of International. “This program supports access to legal education and greater diversity in the profession by providing participants with helpful information to prepare them for the admissions process and law school.”

The Explore Law program began over a decade ago and has helped to create a “pipeline for prospective law students who are traditionally underrepresented in the practice of law; and it will create a clearer pathway to law school,” said Amanda DiPolvere, assistant dean for admissions and financial aid at Penn State Law in University Park.

One goal of the Explore Law program is to help improve representation in the field of law and access to legal education. Any underrepresented racial or ethnic group, religious minority, students with mental or physical disabilities, or students who identify as LGBTQ+, and who met the other academic requirements, were eligible to apply.

“They will get the opportunity to ask us, the law admissions professionals, anything about the law school admission process,” said DiPolvere.

Why choose Penn State Law?

Students who choose the Explore Law program at Penn State Law will get a unique introduction to the law school experience in a convenient timeframe — only a few hours per day, for less than one week. Penn State Law understands that some students have to work to pay for law school, so there is minimal disruption for students to get the maximum benefit.

“Explore Law prepared me for my law school journey by throwing me right into the law school setting. We were able to experience the unique classroom dynamic that law school presents every day of the program.”

--Chisom Ihejirika, Penn State Law, 2020

Ihejirika recommends the Explore Law program at Penn State Law because “[it] did a great job of explaining to us what it felt like to be a law student. This is very important because anybody who may be on the fence will be able to attain valuable insight.”

It all starts by developing an understanding of the law school admissions process. Participating students get the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty members, instructions on how to write a personal statement, improve LSAT awareness and performance, and foster personal and professional networking skills. They will get everything they need to get a head start on their legal education journey.

“Community building starts on day one,” said Akin Obiri, director of admissions and recruitment at Penn State Law. “The people that you meet here are going to be your future colleagues in your professional network. The connections you make here are just the beginning of what you can look forward to at Penn State Law.”

Last Updated May 18, 2021