Penn State Go: Opt-in for location-based notifications for your campus 

November 20, 2020

Penn State Go now supports a new feature that allows users to opt-in to receive essential messages and updates relative to one’s location on Penn State campuses. Location-based notifications include messages about safety, changes on campus, important reminders, events and more. Enabling this feature is voluntary, and users' location information will never be stored or shared. 

When a user opts-in to receive location-based notifications, as they enter a specific area on campus with their smartphone either while using Penn State Go or in the background, they may receive an alert such as information about an event happening in the area, important information on facility closures, changes to campus COVID-19 procedures, and much more. 

When enabled, location services on smartphones use GPS to determine your appropriate location to suggest the closest Penn State Go Campus Experience or give you directions on a map. When using location-based notifications on Penn State Go, your location information is never stored or shared.   

As an opt-in feature, users can agree to enable location-based notifications on Penn State Go to allow access always or while using the app.   

Detailed instructions on how to enable location-based notifications are available.  

For more information about Penn State Go, visit   


Last Updated November 20, 2020