Architecture’s Hadighi co-edits book on fashion label building he co-designed

February 11, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Mehrdad Hadighi, Stuckeman Chair of Integrative Design and head of the Department of Architecture at Penn State, has co-edited a new book that explores the architecture of the 11-story Lafayette 148 New York clothing factory in China, which he designed in collaboration with Tsz Yan Ng, an assistant professor of architecture in Taubman College at the University of Michigan.

The Lafayette 148 New York label is described as “clothing designed for the modern, sophisticated woman made from the most luxurious fabrics.”

"Twisted," which was recently published by Actar Publishers, features detailed documentation of the building and explores the architectural, socio-cultural artistic and historical contexts of building in Shantou, China. The factory is organized around the flow of production — from the design of a garment to the shipment of the final product.

The cover of Twisted

"Twisted" explores the design and structure of the 11-story, Lafayette 148 New York clothing factory in China, which Mehrdad Hadighi, professor of architectuhelped design.

IMAGE: Cover imagery: But-Sou Lai Photography

Hadighi (who is on sabbatical this year) and his co-editors — Ng and Marc J. Neveu, head of the architecture program in the Design School at Arizona State University — break down the design process of the Lafayette 148 New York building while weaving in essays about the complex socioeconomic and structural challenges such a project presents.

The publication, which is geared to those with a strong interest in architecture, touches on some of the larger issues that go into the design of a building, including the ecological footprint, social concerns regarding labor and construction and the historical context of the area, among others.

More information on "Twisted" can be found on the Actar website.

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Last Updated February 11, 2019