PennTAP energy assessments provide grand slam for students and Pa. manufacturers

October 29, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) and a team of undergraduates in energy engineering from the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State visited BWP Bats LLC, a baseball bat manufacturer located in Brookville, Jefferson County. The goal was to provide a no-cost energy assessment that could ultimately improve the company’s bottom line.

PennTAP works in partnership with Penn State faculty, staff and students to provide support to small and medium sized businesses and manufacturers across Pennsylvania. In 2017, companies who implemented PennTAP’s recommendations reaped a combined total of $5.1 million in economic benefits.

BWP Bats is an iconic Commonwealth manufacturer, producing wooden baseball bats made with Pennsylvania hardwood. From little leagues to the big leagues, BWP Bats get play — professional players who had BWP Bats in their lockers at the 2018 World Series include Eduardo Nunez with the Boston Red Sox and Joc Pederson with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  


BWP Bats LLC is an iconic manufacturer in the state, producing wooden baseball bats made with Pennsylvania hardwood.


Josh Johnson, vice president for BWP Bats, said he was looking for an outside opinion on specific areas where they may look to improve efficiency at the facility. The PennTAP audit included a look at the compressed air and dust ventilation systems, as well as a tax exemption for their energy consumption.

“So far, we have been able to look into a couple of airline leaks that the group found while they were here, and we are awaiting their complete evaluation regarding any further issues,” Johnson said. “The overall experience with PennTAP stood out because of how positive everyone was during their time here. We have not had many assessments done in the past where there was so much positive conversation across the board. The visit was thorough and informational.”

PennTAP and a team of students also conducted an assessment with recommendations at CTC Packaging in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, which resulted in economic benefits of more than $400,000 for the company. Chris Groger, maintenance supervisor for CTC Packaging, said the students were an asset to the visit.

“PennTAP was excellent to work with, I like the fact they bring college students out to help with conducting the audit,” Groger said. “I think that is an excellent way to get them out to see the small businesses of the state.”

PennTAP advisers helped CTC Packaging move the team’s recommendations forward by identifying and providing assistance in applying for a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant. The company was awarded $108,000, which helped offset the cost of implementing PennTAP’s recommendations.

Tanna Pugh, director for PennTAP, said that along with providing assistance with grant applications, PennTAP has provided nonbiased assessments and technical assistance to Pennsylvania companies for more than 50 years.

“Small business are the lifeblood of the Commonwealth,” Pugh said. “We are thrilled that our services can lead to cost savings, job and sales growth, new product development, and access to talent, which provides opportunities to advance their businesses within the state.””

To inquire about an energy assessment at your facility or for more information about PennTAP’s services, contact PennTAP at 814-865-0427.

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Last Updated October 29, 2018