Stored VoIP voicemail messages to be automatically deleted after 90 days

September 18, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — As of the end of September, some VoIP voicemail users may begin seeing the effects of University policy regarding saved voicemail messages. The policy, which was announced on Penn State News and went into effect on July 1, requires that voicemails will automatically be deleted 90 days after they have been listened to and saved. The policy does not affect saved messages that have not been listened to. To store voicemails for more than 90 days, VoIP voicemail users can download messages onto a computer in .wav files through the My.VoIP Cisco voicemail portal. 

For more information about maintenance, use and disposition of University records under policy AD35, visit Records Management online

To learn more about the My.VoIP portal and to get help with the personal management of telephone and voicemail services, visit the My.VoIP frequently asked questions and troubleshooting page on the Knowledge Base. For additional questions or support, reach out to your local service desk or contact the IT Service Desk by email at, by phone at 814-865-4357, or in person at 130 W. Pattee Library at University Park.

Last Updated September 18, 2018