New LionPATH feature lets students download class schedules to calendar apps

August 17, 2018

LionPATH has a new feature to help students more easily keep track of their class schedule. Students are now able to download their schedule to various calendar apps on their phones, tablets, or computers.

Class schedules may be exported to these calendar apps:

  • Android 
  • Apple/iOS 
  • Google 
  • Outlook 

This new feature is available through the student view of LionPATH. In the “My Class Schedule” section, a new dropdown menu called “Email schedule” appears in the bottom right corner. By clicking this menu, a student sees which semester calendars are available to download. 

Once a class schedule is selected, a pop-up window appears stating that an email has been sent to the student’s email address. In the email, detailed instructions are provided along with the .ics file as an attachment. That file can then be imported into the calendar of choice. 

This is the third new feature for students to be added to LionPATH this summer based on student input. Earlier this year, the LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization conducted an informal survey to learn more about what functionality is important to students. The ability to export the class schedule to a mobile calendar app was one of the top three most desired features. Read more about the other two recent new features that help improve LionPATH’s user experience.

Last Updated August 22, 2018