New LionPATH notifications to help students stay informed

July 17, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Thanks to recent LionPATH enhancements, students will now receive an email notification whenever one of their course grades is posted or changed. In addition, students who were on a course waitlist will be emailed if they are subsequently enrolled in the waitlisted course. Emails will be sent to students’ University email without any additional actions required by or from the students.

“Prior to these enhancements, students would have to periodically log in to LionPATH to monitor the status of their grades and waitlist courses,” said Stephanie Szakal, director of the LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization (LDMO). “Students will now be notified when one of these updates take place. Our hope is that this will provide greater convenience for students.”

“Ensuring a positive experience for students and our University community is of utmost importance,” added University Registrar Robert Kubat. “The Registrar’s Office was pleased to work in collaboration with the LDMO and other offices in moving forward with the notifications.”

The enhancements come as a direct result of student input. In spring 2018, the LDMO conducted an informal survey to learn more about how students want to receive information and what information is important to them. The grade and waitlist notifications were identified as the top two most desired features and were quickly moved into planning for a summer launch.

For more information about LionPATH updates and improvements, visit the LionPATH support site.

LionPATH is the first enterprise system to be implemented by the Enterprise Project Management Office. The office has also overseen the implementation of WorkLion, Penn State's HR and payroll system, and is currently working toward a July 2020 implementation of SIMBA — the System for Integrated Management, Budgeting, and Accounting.

Last Updated August 02, 2018