Future of electric vehicles to be discussed on WPSU’s 'Digging Deeper' on Oct. 8

September 29, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The advancements in lithium battery technology and what it means for the future of electric vehicles will be discussed during the next episode of WPSU Penn State’s “Digging Deeper” with President Eric J. Barron.

Barron will welcome Penn State professor Chao-Yang Wang and graduate fellow Ryan Longchamps from the Penn State BEST Center. Wang is co-founder of the center, a distinguished professor of mechanical and chemical engineering, professor of materials science and engineering, and the William E. Diefenderfer Chair in Mechanical Engineering.

WPSU’s “Digging Deeper” will air at 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 8, on WPSU-TV.

“Electric vehicles must become reliable and robust transportation means under all climatic conditions, rather than relying on heated garages and eight to 10 hours of home charging,” Wang said. “Removing this pain in user experience is critical for mainstream adoption of electric vehicles.”

Wang said recent advancements in lithium ion battery technology, along with countries and some car manufacturers announcing future bans on the production and sales of gas-engine vehicles, have hastened the need for more reliable batteries and electric vehicles. He said batteries need to perform in all climates, especially at subfreezing temperatures, provide safe and fast charging, and be able to extend driving mileage.

The Penn State BEST Center was formed in 2011 to bring together campus-wide expertise in energy storage, foster collaboration, and provide a focal point for research and education activities. The center is working on designing batteries that are capable of safe and fast charging, and several other projects that are designed to reach higher energy density, which improves driving range, and maintain high safety.

Visit the “Digging Deeper” website for more information and to watch archived episodes.

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