Faculty member serves as editor of special issue of Public Relations Journal

May 14, 2015

A Penn State faculty member served as guest editor for a special issue of Public Relations Journal that focuses on ethical stakeholder engagement.

Marcia DiStaso, an associate professor in the Department of Advertising/Public Relations and a senior research fellow with the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication, authored an overarching article about the topic. Her piece provided an overview of ethical stakeholder engagement, shared summaries of other articles in the special issue, shared five lessons learned from the research and  offered future research suggestions as well as a list of references.

The Page Center, a research unit housed in the College of Communications at Penn State, served as a co-publisher of the journal and supported the scholarship who contributed seven articles to the special issue.

Other articles in the special issue include:

  •  “Approaching Ethical Crisis Communication with Accuracy and Sensitivity: Exploring Common Ground and Gaps between Journalism and Public Relations,” by Lucinda Austin, Elon University, and Yan Jin, University of Georgia;
  •  “From Principle to Policy to Practice? Diversity as a Driver of Multicultural, Stakeholder Engagement in Public Relations,” by Dean E. Mundy, University of Oregon;
  •  “Exploring the Role of the Dominant Coalition in Creating an Ethical Culture for Internal Stakeholders,” by Shannon A. Bowen, University of South Carolina;
  •  “The Role of Ethical Leadership in Internal Communication: Influences on Communication Symmetry, Leader Credibility, and Employee Engagement,” by Linjuan Rita Men, Southern Methodist University;
  •  “New Rules of Engagement in Public Health and Health Care Public Relations,” by Jennifer Vardeman-Winter; and
  •  “Ethical Community Stakeholder Engagement in the Global Environment: Strategies and Assessment,” by Lan Ni, Qi Wang, Maria De la Flor and Renato Peñaflor.

Public Relations Journal is published by the Public Relations Society of America. It is an open-access electronic research journal focusing on the fields of public relations and communications. Its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the educational community to the professional community.

  • Marcia DiStaso

    Marcia DiStaso

    IMAGE: Penn State
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