Dickinson Law launches alumni mentor match program for first-year students

April 07, 2015

Penn State’s Dickinson Law is launching a new mentor program for first-year students, aimed at connecting the newest members of our community with the diverse and proud Penn State Dickinson School of Law alumni nationwide. 

The program was developed in partnership with the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid and the Office of Development & Alumni Affairs. Surveys will be sent out to incoming students in July 2015, and the Alumni Mentor Match will kickoff with students entering Dickinson Law in fall 2015. First-year students will be assigned a mentor based on characteristics that are important to the individual student, such as the geographic location of the mentor, the practice area of the mentor, and shared personal interests.

“We’re giving students the opportunity to identify characteristics of their mentor and making the match based on that -- whether it’s a shared background, professional or personal interests,” said Associate Dean Carla Pratt. “Instead of the Law School making the choice, this is an opportunity for students to select criteria that are important to them and connect with alumni before they even matriculate.”

With just a modest investment of time, participating alumni will have the opportunity to share their experience and provide guidance to future legal professionals. In September, mentors and students are invited to meet each other for the first time at Alumni Weekend + Convocation, an annual celebration of tradition and commitment to a year of learning and growth.

“The response from alumni has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Robin Fulton, director of alumni relations at Dickinson Law. “We’ve heard from alumni from Atlanta to D.C. to New York City -- partners at large law firms, government attorneys, JAGs, judicial staff, and recent grads. We’re really excited about the launch of the program.”

Throughout the three years at Dickinson Law, mentors and mentees are encouraged to maintain contact, as students begin to make meaningful decisions about their careers and further develop into lawyers. Tamesha Keel, assistant dean for career services at Dickinson Law, says this first step is critical for future legal professionals to maximize the mentor program.

“Students need to develop a plan as a 1L, not when graduation right around the corner,” said Keel. “The Alumni Mentor Match helps first-year students hone in on their interests and learn from people who’ve walked their same path.”

For more information about Dickinson Law's Alumni Mentor Match program, contact Robin Fulton, director of alumni relations, at rjf20@psu.edu , or Tamesha Keel, assistant dean of career services, at tlk31@psu.edu.


Last Updated July 22, 2015