Employees can access work-related exposure, medical records

March 02, 2015

In accordance with requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Penn State makes work-related exposure records and work-related medical records available to its employees and their designated representatives.

Work-related exposure records:

University employees at all locations may contact Penn State Environmental Health and Safety at 814-865-6391 for access to their work-related exposure records, which may contain any of the following information:

  • Results of workplace monitoring of toxic substances or potentially harmful physical agents (such as noise, chemicals, or radioactive materials);
  • Results of biological monitoring (such as blood or urine tests) which assess the absorption of a toxic substance by an individual; or
  • Safety data sheets indicating that a material may pose a hazard to human health. 

Please note that safety data sheets (formerly referred to as “material safety data sheets”) are maintained by individual departments or units.

Work-related medical records:

An “employee medical record” is a record concerning the work-related health status of an employee that is made or maintained by a physician, nurse, or other health care provider.

Employee medical records may only be accessed by the employee who is the subject of the records unless the employee has given written consent to a designated representative. University employees at all locations may access their work-related medical records by contacting the Department of Occupational Medicine at 814-863-8492.

These records may include any of the following:

  • Medical and employment questionnaires or histories;
  • Results of medical examinations and laboratory tests;
  • Medical opinions, diagnoses, progress notes, and recommendations;
  • First aid records;
  • Descriptions of treatments and prescriptions; and
  • Employee medical complaints.

Please contact Mark Linsenbigler (Occupational Health and Safety Manager) in Environmental Health and Safety at 814-865-6391 with any questions regarding this information.

Last Updated March 02, 2015