Stone Valley’s Lake Perez to reopen in April

Susan Bedsworth
February 03, 2015

After more than seven years sitting empty due to repairs being made to the dam, Lake Perez at Stone Valley Recreation Area is now full. The 72-acre, man-made lake will reopen to the public in April and offer a variety of outdoor activities.

Of the many activities offered at Stone Valley, the two most affected by the dam repairs were fishing and boating. “We have had very quiet summers,” said Charlene Detwiler, supervisor of Stone Valley Recreation Area. “We’re excited to reopen in April and anxious to see what this summer will be like.”

For the general public, rowboats, canoes, paddleboats, kayaks and sailboats will be available to rent. In addition, Lake Perez received its first shipment of 1,100 bass in November and is on the regular stocking schedule with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. The April opening will be in time for trout season. Other activities that will resume now that Lake Perez is full include serving as training location for both the Penn State crew team and sailing club.

In addition to water sports, Stone Valley boasts 29 miles of hiking trails throughout the park, some of which offer scenic cross-country skiing opportunities. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and a covered picnic pavilion can be reserved for groups.

For the nature lover, wildlife abounds in Stone Valley. In addition to Lake Perez being well stocked with a variety of fish, visitors may see white-tailed deer and turtles as well as a variety of birds returning to the area now that the lake has been refilled, including bald eagles, osprey, wood ducks and mallards, swans and Canadian geese. Detwiler also hopes beavers will return in the future.

Lake Perez has only been full for two of the last 12 years. The lake was originally drained in 2002 to repair the spillway. The lake was drained again in 2007 to repair structural deficiencies and underground seepage in the dam. The restoration work began in March 2013. “We’re hoping this was the last time,” said Detwiler. “It’s solid and hopefully won’t need work again in our lifetime.”

  • Lake Perez

    Lake Perez will reopen in time for trout season.

    IMAGE: Susan Bedsworth

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