Ed Hintz to speak about ethics of philanthropy in next Summit event

November 12, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Schreyer Honors College will continue to promote this year’s Shaping the Future Summit program on Nov. 13 with a discussion on “The Ethics of Philanthropy” with distinguished guest Ed Hintz.

Hintz graduated from Penn State Smeal College of Business in 1959 with a bachelor degree in business administration and obtained his MBA from Harvard University in 1963. Hintz founded HHR Asset Management, LCC in 1974, a private investment management firm and previously served as President of the company.

The event is being sponsored by Penn State’s Presidential Leadership Academy, which Hintz, along with is wife, Helen, is a founder.

“Ed and Helen Hintz are passionate about Penn State and the many other organizations they support,” Director of the Presidential Leadership Academy Melissa Doberstein said. “Mr. Hintz volunteers his time to Penn State because he believes in its mission and the young adults that his philanthropic efforts support.”

Hintz received recognition from Penn State as an Alumni Fellow of the Smeal College of Business in 1982 and Distinguished Alumnus of the University in 1987.  He has continued to serve in leadership positions at Penn State as a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, vice chairman, and chair of the board.

Hintz started a tradition in philanthropy through his involvement with Penn State’s first capital campaign, “The Campaign for Penn State,” in 2007 and served as the chairman for the second campaign, “A Grand Destiny: The Penn State Campaign.”

“Mr. Hintz knows that the future is in the generations after him,” Doberstein said. “He has been supporting Penn State for decades and is as enthusiastic about Penn State as when he was a student.”

“The great thing about Mr. Hintz is that he just doesn’t give money, he gets to know the Academy students in the program and carries on relationships after they graduate,” Doberstein said. “Nothing else makes him happier than seeing students succeed and in turn, finding their passion.”

Ed and Helen Hintz have made significant personal philanthropic contributions to Penn State over the years, including many scholarships and faculty endowments, a recent contribution to build the children’s park at the Arboretum, and several million dollars to create a new alumni center for the Penn State Alumni Association in 2001, which is named for them. 

Hintz also headed fundraising efforts for the Bryce Jordan Center and served on the organizing committee for the Paterno Library.

Penn State students are encouraged to attend the event and join a discussion about the moral implications and associated obligations of philanthropy, philanthropy’s role in society, justifications of tax-subsidized philanthropy, corporate donors and investments, and other related subjects.

“The Presidential Leadership Academy’s focus is developing leaders to make fully informed decisions as leaders. Shaping the Future Summit fits in perfectly with the Academy’s mission to present ideas to develop viewpoints from all arenas to further the development of critical thinking,” Doberstein said.

The event is free and will start at 6 p.m. in the Grandfather Clock Lounge of Atherton Hall.

For up-to-date information regarding this year’s Shaping the Future Summit, visit futuresummit.psu.edu or email futuresummit@psu.edu.

Last Updated November 24, 2014