New recording explores capacity of Northeast US to meet food, bioenergy needs

May 22, 2014

A recent lecture that explored the capacity of the Northeast US to meet its food and bioenergy needs is now available as an online recording. The lecture, delivered by Christian Peters of Tufts University, was part of the 2014 Sustainable Agriculture Seminar Series organized by the Sustainable Agriculture Working Group in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Peters, a crop and soil scientist who studies the Northeast food system, discussed his multiple research initiatives aimed at understanding the capacity of the Northeast US to produce food and feed for its population.

“We have a limited land base in the Northeast, and we have to decide how we want to use it....What crops will we grow, how will we grow them, and how will human preferences drive the system?” asked Peters. “That’s where I will say, it depends. Which crops we will grow depends on our sustainability goals. How we will grow them I think would hopefully be a mix of incremental and transformative approaches. Human preferences will drive the systems in more ways than we probably even think — on-farm decisions, policy decisions, consumer decisions.”

View a recording of Peter’s talk online.

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