Smeal Alumni in Profile: Antosh applies Smeal education to startup ventures

May 22, 2014

On April 25, the Penn State Alumni Association honored Smeal College of Business alumna Erin Antosh, 2006 graduate in management, along with eight other accomplished Penn State alumni, with an Alumni Achievement Award.

Alumni Achievement Awards recognize Penn State graduates for extraordinary levels of professional achievement before the age of 35.

Antosh currently works as a manager at Integrated Business Consulting in Washington, D.C., but she is also in the early stages of launching a tech startup with a fellow Smeal alumnus.

“I’ve always felt like innovation and entrepreneurship were what I was meant to do.”

--Erin Antosh, Class of 2006, Penn State Smeal College of Business

A serial entrepreneur, Antosh has owned and operated four businesses and served as an independent consultant for various innovative startups and small businesses.

“I’ve always felt like innovation and entrepreneurship were what I was meant to do,” Antosh said, and she began pursuing that goal at a young age.

When she was 8 years old, she ran her own lemonade stand at the neighborhood pool. At age 12, she started her own day camp for other children. And in high school, she launched a charitable organization.

Of entrepreneurship, she said, “I’m comfortable with the risk involved. It feels really natural to me, like a step I should be taking.”

Much of her confidence, she says, she attributes to her experience at Smeal. As a sophomore in college, she took her first entrepreneurship class. A team was formed around her idea, and that team used independent study opportunities to continue to develop that business throughout her college experience.

“That was really the best opportunity anyone could have given me,” she said. “I got to apply everything I was learning to a real business. It was a great learning tool because I wanted to retain the information.”

Antosh remains connected with Smeal through serving on the Alumni Society Board, a group of alumni and friends dedicated to connecting with each other and to the college.

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Last Updated May 23, 2014