Board of trustees election results announced

May 09, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State alumni, delegates of agriculture societies and the board (representative of business and industry endeavors) elected two incumbents and five new members to serve on the University’s Board of Trustees. Election results were announced at the board meeting today (May 9).

University alumni elected Bob Jubelirer, Albert L. Lord and Alice W. Pope, from a field of 31 candidates vying for three positions. Each candidate had a biography and position statement posted to the Board of Trustees website.

Delegates of the agricultural societies elected Betsy E. Huber and Keith E. Masser.

The board also elected two trustees representing business and industry: Daniel S. Mead and Walter C. Rakowich.

The term of each trustee elected is three years, beginning July 1 and expiring on June 30, 2017.

Board members elected by the alumni are:

Bob Jubelirer. Jubelirer served in the Pennsylvania Senate from 1975-2006. He was President Pro Tempore of the Senate for 21 years, and did double-duty as lieutenant governor after Tom Ridge became Director of Homeland Security. Jubelirer graduated from Penn State with a degree in history and earned his law degree from The Dickinson School of Law. He has been honored with the Dickinson School of Law Career Achievement Award; The Penn State Distinguished Alumni Award; and Alumni Association Alumni Fellow Award.

Albert L. Lord. Lord’s career included 14 years of accounting and banking, then 32 years at Sallie Mae (SLM) beginning in 1981. He became CEO in 1997. Lord worked with Congress and the U.S. Treasury to privatize SLM, ending its status as a “Government Sponsored Enterprise” (GSE), the only GSE to do so. After retiring in 2005 to chair the SLM Board, Lord returned as CEO in 2007 at the onset of the financial crisis. He re-retired as CEO, and from the board, in June 2013. He is a 1967 graduate of Penn State.

Alice W. Pope. Pope serves as a professor of child psychology at St. John’s University. Her academic career, including faculty appointments at public and private universities, positions her to provide an educator's perspective to the board. Pope also has expertise in fixing ineffective educational governance, and has co-authored reports on governance best practices for trustees and legislators.  She is a three-time Penn State alumna, with bachelors (1979), masters (1983), and doctoral (1986) degrees in psychology.

Board members elected by the agricultural societies are:

Betsy E. Huber. Huber was elected to the board of directors of the National Grange in 2006 and has served as chair since 2007. She also is executive secretary for the Pennsylvania Young Farmers Association. From 2002-10 she was president of the Pennsylvania State Grange, and its legislative liaison 2010-12. She was employed as district aide to State Rep. Arthur Hershey from 1992-2002. Huber was elected to the Board of Trustees by delegates from agricultural societies in 2005. She represents the trustees on the Penn State-Dickinson Agricultural Law Resource Center Board.

Keith E. Masser. Masser is president of Sterman Masser Inc. in Sacramento, Pa., a family farm that produces potatoes, cash grain and hay, and processes dehydrated and fresh-cut potato products. He is a Penn State graduate with a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering, and is involved in the Mount Nittany Society, Alumni Association, and Alpha Epsilon Ag Engineering and Tau Beta Pi Engineering honor societies. He was elected to the Board of Trustees by delegates from agricultural societies effective July 1, 2008, and elected board chair in January 2013.

Board members representing business and industry are:

Daniel S. Mead. Mead is president and CEO of Verizon Wireless, and is one of the founding senior executives responsible for launching Verizon Wireless in July 2000. He has been very active with the Penn State community, including his membership since 2006 in the Behrend Council of Fellows, and long has been involved in anti-domestic violence initiatives. In 2008 he was named an Alumni Fellow, and in 2010 received Penn State's Distinguished Alumni Award. He earned his bachelor's degree in quantitative business analysis and his MBA from Penn State.

Walter C. Rakowich. Rakowich retired in 2012 as CEO of Prologis. He had been named CEO in 2008, and held a number of senior management positions at the company before then, including chief operating officer and chief financial officer. Before joioning Prologis in 1994 he spent nine years as a partner and principal with Trammel Crow Co. He began his career as an auditor and tax consultant with Price Waterhouse. In 2010 he was named an Alumni Fellow. He earned his bachelor's degree in accounting at Penn State.

Penn State's Board of Trustees is composed of six members appointed by the governor, nine members elected by alumni and six members each elected by agricultural societies and by the board representing business and industry endeavors. In addition, five members are ex-officio by virtue of their position within the University or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including the governor (non-voting); the Penn State president (non-voting); and the state secretaries of the departments of Agriculture; Education; and Conservation and Natural Resources.

For more information on Penn State's board members, visit online.

The total distribution of the votes cast in the alumni election are listed below by the position of the candidates on the ballot.

Ballot position: Candidate – Vote total

01: Ted J. Sebastianelli, '69, State College, PA – 5,701

02: Ned Rauch-Mannino,'10, Washington, DC – 1,144

03: Daniel N. Cocco,'08, New York, NY – 3,787

04: Gavin Keirans,'10, Philadelphia, PA – 3,128

05: Ryan Bagwell,'02, Middleton, WI – 3,420

06: Robert G. Milnes, III,'02, Sewickley, PA – 1,208

07: Jason P. Kutulakis,'91, '94 JD, Carlisle, PA – 1,142

08: George A. Weigand,'69, State College, PA – 1,517

09: Amy L. Williams,'80, Wayne, PA – 2,369

10: Joshua D. Fulmer,'01, Easton, PA – 605

11: Edward J. Kabala,'64, Philadelphia, PA – 1,068

12: Joel N. Myers,'61, '63g, '71g, State College, PA – 3,511

13: Ricardo Azziz,'81g, Augusta, GA – 532

14: Jennifer E. Bird-Pollan,'99, Lexington, KY – 1,376

15: John J. Graham, Jr.,'99, Philadelphia, PA – 634

16: Vincent J. "V.J." Tedesco, III,'86, '95g, Alexandria, VA – 1,971

17: Laurie Anne Stanell,'80, Holicong, PA – 1,003

18: Julie Harris McHugh, '86, Ambler, PA – 3,539

19: Christine Stempka Rhoads,'99, Lancaster, PA – 2,249

21: Matthew W. Schuyler,'87, McLean, VA – 2,590

22: Albert L. Lord,'67, Washington, DC – 9,516

23: Keith Bierly,'77, Rebersburg, PA – 1,526

24: R. Seth Williams,'89, Philadelphia, PA – 2,200

25: Robert J. Bowsher,'86, San Diego, CA – 542

26: Rudolph Karl Glocker,'91, '93g, Henderson, NV – 2,655

27: Alice W. Pope,'79, '83g, '86g, Brooklyn, NY – 10,025

28: Robert C. Jubelirer,'59, '62 JD, Boalsburg, PA – 8,101

29: Brian M. Rutter,'03, Boalsburg, PA – 1,379

30: Allen L. Soyster,'65, Philipsburg,PA – 1,324

31: Robert Hooper,'79, Burlington, VT – 562

32: Art Greenwald,'76, Fort Lauderdale, FL – 1,125

Write-In Votes 854

Total Eligible Voters - 613,943

Total Ballots Received - 29,791

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