Additional trustee joins Presidential Selection Council

November 22, 2013

UNIVERISTY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Trustee William F. Oldsey today (Nov. 22) was named to the University's Trustee Presidential Selection Council by Keith Masser, chair of the Board of Trustees. The addition of Oldsey brings the membership of the selection council to 14. The council now consists of 13 Trustees and the chair of the For the Future Campaign as it searches for Penn State's 18th president.

Oldsey, an alumni trustee, has longstanding experience with education as an academic publisher, focused largely on the development of K-12 and college products and platforms to facilitate teaching and learning outcomes. He also is a partner with Atlas Advisors, an independent investment banking firm.

Elected to the Board last year by Penn State alumni, Oldsey joins the selection council to bring a fresh perspective to the search process and to make the council a more current representation of Trustees who were added to the board after the council was appointed one year ago.

"Bill Oldsey will be an excellent addition to the selection council, as we continue our national search for the next president of Penn State," Masser said. "We believe he will help us continue this important process, as well as bring his wealth of experience to the table. Bill has valuable knowledge of academic leadership and he understands the academic enterprise in ways that will assist us as we make a decision on the final candidate that will be brought before the board for consideration."

Earlier this month, the council confirmed that the presidential search process continues "with vigor." The council plans to conclude the search before the end of current President Rodney Erickson's term in office on June 30, 2014.

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Last Updated November 22, 2013