Center will be a boon to area manufacture

March 18, 2004

Today there is a major focus on technology and the role technology plays in all aspects of our lives, Penn State DuBois Executive Officer Anita McDonald said. Currently the campus is without sufficient space for equipment in its engineering programs and faculty who work in these programs. This project seeks to provide students with opportunities to work and learn in an environment with appropriate equipment and resources available. The new DEF Workforce Development and Technology Center will help provide that space and those resources. Industries have offered equipment to the campus in the past, McDonald said, which would enhance the learning process for students but because of a lack of space the campus was not able to accept the offers. With the 46,000-square-foot building, space will not be a problem in the future.
For the full story by Joy Norwood, which ran in the March 7 edition of the Tri-County Sunday,

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