Heard on Campus: Bill Marimow at the Foster Conference of Distinguished Writers

March 30, 2005

"Investigative reporting usually has a very strong public service component. What I mean by that is these stories make a difference for citizens and society. They draw attention to something that requires action by public officials. Another way of looking at it is that you can view these stories and pieces as a catalyst that prods public officials to do the right thing."

--Bill Marimow, managing editor of National Public Radio (NPR), commenting on the role of investigative reporting during an appearance Wednesday (March 30) morning in Foster Auditorium in Pattee Library at Penn State's University Park campus. Marimow, who won two Pulitzer Prizes while at the Philadelphia Inquirer, spoke as part of the College of Communications' Foster Conference of Distinguished Writers, a twice-a-year lecture series. The conference also welcomed on Tuesday night the Los Angeles Times' David Zucchino, a journalist who also won a Pulitzer as a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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