Heard on Campus: Journalist Juan Williams at the Forum

April 27, 2005

"I don't think Thurgood Marshall would have had any sense of the amount of attention and credit he was given as people eulogized him. To me as a biographer, my job is to get a sense of the subject's understanding of his life and discontent at the end versus my perception of him as someone who truly made a difference in America. Someone who changed America that it would be hard to recognize America today as compared to the America that existed before he became an actor upon the stage. That's why I'd say to each of you today, if you were to look at friends and family and who would tell your story, I would hope you'd keep in mind sometimes your story is touching more lives, having much more influence, helping so many more people than maybe you might realize."

-- Juan Williams, a national political correspondent and author, speaking Wednesday (April 27) in a speech titled "Thurgood Marshall: Radical Judge," at the Penn State Forum a speakers series sponsored by the Faculty Staff Club at the University Park campus.

  • IMAGE: Greg Grieco
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