Go red Feb. 3; help prevent heart disease among women

January 26, 2006

Red is the color for women and heart disease. Heart disease is America's leading killer of women. Sixty-three percent of women who died suddenly from coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms. Only 38 percent of women report that doctors have discussed heart disease when analyzing their health. Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute at Penn State Hershey Medical Center is working with the American Heart Association to help raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and the risks to women by encouraging people everywhere to wear something red Feb. 3. The nationwide educational effort is designed to encourage women everywhere to take a proactive role in their personal heart health. Women are encouraged to "know their numbers," including cholestoral counts, blood pressure and body mass index. Becoming familar with these vital statistics can help women prevent heart disease and live healthier, stronger lives. For more information about heart health visit http://www.pennstateheartandvascular.com online.

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