Faculty Senate creates new committee, reviews human-resources policies

March 16, 2006

University Park, Pa. -- The University Faculty Senate at its March 14 meeting established a new standing committee, the Senate Committee on Educational Equity and Campus Environment, and heard several informational reports regarding various human-resources policies and perspectives.

The Senate Committee on Educational Equity and Campus Environment will act as an advisory body to the Vice Provost for Educational Equity and will address matters pertaining to campus climate and intergroup relations, particularly toward the creation and maintenance of a welcome, inclusive and diverse student body and work force. The committee's focus will include matters of equity and diversity, including but not limited to recruitment efforts, admissions policy, housing practices, curriculum review and development, graduation demographics, student life issues and outreach. The committee also will develop and maintain an action plan for the Faculty Senate to address challenges noted in the University's diversity strategic plans.

In a brief informational report, the Senate Council reaffirmed past additions to the University's policy on non-discrimination in regard to sexual orientation. Other informational reports included a review of the implementation of the Course Submission and Consultation System (CSCS), an interim report of the special subcommittee to assess the nature of evidence used for promotion and tenure decisions, and a review of faculty salaries for the 2005-2006 academic year.

The Course Submission and Consultation System (CSCS), currently in its pilot phase, is to be rolled out across the University in four stages, starting in May 2006 with current pilot participants and continuing with the introduction of five colleges each in August 2006, January 2007 and May 2007. Concurrently, a CSCS training program will offer hands-on seminars and video tutorials to aid in the transition process.

In other legislative matters, the Senate approved the revision of Policy HR21, which defines academic ranks among library faculty, and closed nominations for the 2006-2007 Senate Officer and extra-senatorial committee selections.

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