Continuing, Distance Education achievement awards announced

June 26, 2006

University Park, Pa. -- Each year, Penn State Outreach's Continuing and Distance Education (C&DE) unit recognizes faculty and staff accomplishments and outstanding achievements. Chosen from nominations and letters of support from their colleagues, the 2006 C&DE award recipients were honored at an event held recently at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. They are:

Adult Student Support Award: Janet Rosenbaum, assistant director of Continuing Education at Penn State-Wilkes Barre. This award recognizes an employee who provides exemplary service to adult learners and offers support of new programs and services for adult students.

Bright Future Award: Susan Greene, area representative for Continuing Education at University Park. This award recognizes an employee with fewer than two years of service who makes a significant contribution to his or her work unit. The individual demonstrates superior work performance and a positive attitude, goes above and beyond his or her job requirements and shows potential to continue making significant contributions.

Customer Service Award: Dave Langton, coordinator of the support center for Outreach Technological Services. This award recognizes a person who consistently demonstrates outstanding customer service. He or she goes above and beyond the job requirements to meet customer needs and provides consistent follow-through in interactions with clients. The individual is also motivated by a personal desire to meet customer needs.

Diversity Award: Janet Patterson, senior conference planner with Conferences and Institutes. This award recognizes an individual or team that values, fosters and promotes diversity in C&DE. The person respects differences and promotes fairness and equity in C&DE; strengthens awareness, breaks down barriers and builds alliances to widen the scope of opportunities for all; demonstrates commitment to developing a working and learning environment that is accessible, supportive and open to diverse backgrounds, perspectives and work styles; and works to build a culture that turns differences into a competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurship Award: Walt Fullam, director of Continuing Education at Penn State Berks. This award recognizes an individual or team that has made an extraordinary contribution to the financial well-being of the organization. The person may have generated significant net revenue, identified significant cost savings or was responsible for some other indicator of significant return on investment.

Exemplary Program Award: Justice and Safety Institute: Deb Simpson, applications and IT team leader, Susan Varner, editorial team leader, and Diane Sinkus, faculty for the Pennsylvania Child Support Training Institute. This award recognizes a credit or noncredit program delivered in 2005 that was outstanding in meeting the needs of the audience and the goals of the Outreach organization. The criteria for this award is that the program was educationally and financially successful, met a significant need in the target audience, was innovative in content or methodology is repeatable or a model for other programs.

Innovation Award: Justice and Safety Institute IT Team: Celesta Guyer, David Hinnergardt, Jonathan Kinyon, John Sankey, Deb Simpson and Heidi Watson. This award recognizes an individual or team that transforms challenges into opportunities in innovative ways, enabling the unit to better meet client needs. The criteria for this award includes that the individual or team demonstrates "out of the box" thinking, provides a unique perspective and innovative approach to processes, programs, products or services, uses resources creatively and constructs imaginative solutions to customer needs.

Making Life Better Award: Paul Rutter, marketing research associate in Outreach Marketing and Communications. This award recognizes a person who has provided exceptional service to his or her community beyond the assigned job responsibilities. The criteria for this award is that the individual is an active participant and leader in public service areas, exemplifies good citizenship in both the workplace and the community, and demonstrates concern for the welfare of the community.

Mentorship Award: Fred Loomis, former director of workforce and economic development. This award recognizes a person who demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning through his or her personal efforts to teach and provide guidance to colleagues. The criteria for this award are that the individual helps colleagues to improve skills and work performance, is recognized by others as an excellent and willing resource in areas of expertise and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of co-workers.

The Outstanding Instructor Award: Robert Stonis, associate director of the Justice and Safety Institute. This award recognizes a full-time C&DE faculty member who exemplifies and encourages enthusiasm in teaching and demonstrates expertise in a specialized area. The criteria for this award is that the individual displays an innovative teaching style, teaches the subject matter with energy, passion and vitality, and encourages learner motivation.

The Outstanding Staff Support Award: Stephanie Harting, staff assistant in Conferences and Institutes. This award recognizes a person who demonstrates a high quality of work and support for the C&DE organization in his or her assigned job over a period of years. The criteria for this award is the individual displays a superior work performance and positive attitude, models the organization's values, has a dedicated focus on customer service, is a good team player and negotiator, demonstrates excellent communication and organizational skills, and offers outstanding support to unit personnel.

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