OPP says 'bye-bye black birds' to Old Main crows

November 14, 2008

University Park, Pa. -- The Office of Physical Plant (OPP) will begin a crow roosting relocation program beginning the week of Nov. 17 with the effort focused on the area around Old Main and the HUB-Robeson Center. The goal is to push the crows to the northeast. The University community can expect occasional loud noises in the early evenings as OPP attempts to chase the crows into less problematic locations. The crow relocation activities will continue as needed and may last up to a month. Regular updates will be provided to the public as the process continues.
This activity will be conducted by Physical Plant employees. They have been trained in the use of pyrotechnic noisemakers called “bangers” and “screamers” which will be used to scare the crows away.  Since OPP cannot control where the crows go, it may be necessary to continue this process for days and weeks until the crows settle into more tolerable locations. Once the crows have vacated a location, dead crow effigies will be hung to dissuade the crows from returning. The public can expect some disturbance from the noisemaking activities and possible crow infestation if the crows re-roost in populated areas.
Physical Plant is partnering with Penn State researchers, State College borough officials and the USDA Wildlife Services to relocate the migrating crows. Last year about 3,000 migrating crows landed on the University Park campus causing unsanitary and unpleasant conditions along the Allen Street Mall and the College Avenue bus stop. OPP’s goal is to discourage this mass roosting and the accompanying sanitary problems. OPP has designated “no roosting zones” on campus and will work to keep the crows away from central campus.
Crows are attracted to the light and warmth from the buildings and may fly into State College when they are scared off campus. Penn State will work closely with the borough to jointly find solutions to this continuing problem.

For further information, contact Paul Ruskin at (814) 863-9620 or at pdr2@psu.edu.

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