Spring aquatic fitness classes starting

January 15, 2009

The Natatorium and The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel are offering a number of aquatic fitness classes starting the week of Jan. 19.

"Water exercise is great on its own for beginners or as a cross-training activity for athletes," said Susan Shuey, aquacise program coordinator, adding, "our instructors make it fun, too."

Aquatic exercise burns calories, reduces stress, increases cardiovascular fitness, and improves muscle strength. It's safe and effective for anyone healthy enough to exercise who feels comfortable in chest-deep water. In fact, aquatic exercise is gentler on joints and causes less muscle soreness than comparable exercises on land. There are a variety of class formats including cardiovascular endurance, resistance training, water running, and slow and easy stretching.

Participants do not have to wear a bathing suit. It is also acceptable to wear lightweight, fast-drying exercise clothing such as bike shorts and a tank top (and for women, a sports bra).

The class fee is $45. To register for classes go to http://www.athletics.psu.edu/rec/nat/aquatics.asp or stop by the Natatorium and either see Rebecca or sign up at the towel desk.

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