Scholarship helps students return to school

The Osher Foundation Re-entry Scholarship for Adult Learners was recently established to assist students throughout Penn State University. At Penn State DuBois, two students received the scholarship this semester, and they say it helps to make their dream of earning a degree possible.

Ed Williams, 33, and Ross Grady, 27, both worked various jobs before deciding to return to school. Williams remembers working as a bouncer in night clubs. Grady currently works as a tax preparer, but has worked up to three jobs at once. Both say paying for school would be nearly impossible if it were not for scholarship funding.

"I’m paying for my own education with the help of scholarships and I’ll be debt free at the end of my second year of school," Grady said. Grady is finance major and plans to go into banking after graduation in 2011.

"As a full time student, most of my time is dedicated to school work. With day-to-day expenses, I need these scholarships just to get by," said Williams, who is now majoring in Letters, Arts, and Sciences and plans to graduate in 2011, then attend law school at the University of California - Berkley.

To be considered for the Osher Foundation Scholarship a student must be between 25 and 50 years old and working on their first bachelor’s degree. Students must also demonstrate academic promise, which is no problem for Williams or Grady.

"Ross Grady and Edward Williams are among our best students. They responded to this scholarship opportunity and met it with success," said adult student coordinator Scott Yeager.

Ross and Edward were among a group of 30 adult learners throughout Penn State who received the Osher Foundation Re-entry Scholarship. The Osher Foundation awards for spring 2009 were totaled at $50,000 University-wide.

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Last Updated March 19, 2009