Computer science and engineering's Butler wins Symantec fellowship

Kevin Butler, a computer science and engineering doctoral student, has won one of three graduate fellowships from Symantec Research Labs for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Butler will work closely this summer with Symantec researchers in Santa Monica and Mountain View, Calif., on developing policies and understanding usability requirements for securing data storage. Symantec will also pay Butler's tuition and fees, along with a competitive stipend to fund his ongoing research.

The Symantec fellowship organizers look for outstanding doctoral. and master of science students who are working on research projects likely to have real-world practical value in information security, availability and integrity.

Butler's research focuses on storage security and understanding how advances in disk technology may be used to improve data and system security. He has developed disk prototypes that prevent rootkits from taking hold in a system and that enforce isolation of critical files and data.

Butler is currently investigating enhanced disk policies for data protection. His doctoral adviser is Patrick McDaniel, associate professor of computer science and engineering.

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Last Updated March 31, 2009