Student photojournalism exhibit in Kern Building

April 06, 2009

An first-ever exhibit of the best work from photojournalism students in the College of Communications runs throughout April in Kern Building on the University Park campus.

"CommPhoto 2009" includes images ranging from breaking news and personality profiles to presidential campaign stops on campus and Penn State sports. More than a dozen students contributed photos to the exhibition, which was organized by senior lecturer John Beale.

"It's really an exciting opportunity," said Doug Bauman, a senior journalism major from Mill Hall, Pa., who has several of his photographs in the exhibit. "There's a lot of work that comes out of our photojournalism classes, and it's great that there's another way for people to see it along with the ComMedia site that features work online."

Four courses comprise the core of the photojournalism program in the College of Communications, and upper-level students may put together plans for independent study. Along with class assignments, numerous opportunities exist for students to obtain hands-on experience.

To complete their assignments, students have access to University-owned single lens reflex digital cameras. In addition, through a program sponsored by Nikon, students in advanced classes use a pool of professional-grade cameras and specialty lenses.

  • Photos by student photojournalists in the College of Communications are on display throughout April in Kern Building on the University Park campus.

    IMAGE: John Beale

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