Professors explain ethics, activism and why Pittsburgh is hosting G-20

September 24, 2009

University Park, Pa. — Making sense of the complex issues the G-20 will tackle at their summit in Pittsburgh beginning today (Sept. 24) will be made a little easier thanks to a series of YouTube videos featuring Penn State educators. The list of challenges the G-20 faces is daunting: the global economic crisis, sustainable development, terrorist financing and climate change, among others.

John McCarthy, professor and head of sociology from Penn State’s College of Liberal Arts, sheds light on why the G-20 is a magnet for social activism and protest. McCarthy explains who the protesters are, what their message is, and how preparations for protest have handled in Pittsburgh. View McCarthy's video at

Nancy Tuana, director of Penn State’s Rock Ethics Institute, explores the importance of placing ethics and integrity at the heart of the G-20’s core mission. Tuana touches on the millennium development goals, the challenge of defining ethical economic growth, and Pennsylvanians’ need to embrace responsible global citizenship. View Tuana's video at

Deno DeCiantis, director of The Penn State Center: Engaging Pittsburgh, explains what makes his city so attractive as a host for the G-20 today. DeCiantis points to Pittsburgh’s proven ability to bounce back from adversity, and its emerging reputation as a center for green, sustainable technology. View DeCiantis' video at

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